Tampa Code Camp made it to Fox News on the “What’s Right With Tampa Bay” segment.  What good to get IDSTC and KForce our big sponsors some notice for supporting the event.  You can see the segment here.  You can register for the event here.

#TampaCC on Fox News

Event Overview Code Camps are a free, one day learning event for programming professionals and students with a focus on Microsoft Development Technologies. Code Camps are “grass roots” mini application platform developer conferences, free of charge to attendees and open to presenters of all stripes and experience. WinDevCamp follows our […]

#TampaCC – July 19, 2014

Randy Patterson and I were discussing battery usage on the Windows Phone 8 (he has an HTC 8X and I have a Nokia 822), and he was struggling with poor battery usage. I asked if he had taken the time to manage his application background tasks, to which he stated “What do […]

Better Battery Usage with Windows Phone 8

For the second time this year I have the great opportunity to be one of the judges for the INETA Component Code Challenge.  Here are the details: Have you ever thought “I have a good idea for an application, however what can I get for it?” and/or “I would love […]

Second INETA Component Code Challenge 2012

The ASP.NET Universal Provide cover Membership, Roles, Profile, and Session solutions in MVC4 which can leverage SQL Compact, SQL Express, SQL Azure, and SQL Server.  The biggest deviation from old ASP.NET 2.0 Membership is the need to run aspnet_regsql.exe to install the database side before you are able to use […]

ASP.NET Universal Providers, a tale of new providers in MVC4

INETA has launched their second round of the CCC, if you would like more information head over to the official contest page.

INETA Component Code Challenge

MVC4 Beta is out and it works side by side with MVC3, I will be posting more around with new mobile focus. Learn more here.

MVC4 Beta

I learned about some security features in MVC3, that I had forgotten about.  So, let’s discuss them and the differences between authenticate and authorization as well as look at some standard attacks.  MVC3 out of the box supports Windows and Forms based authentication, Windows authentication are generally used for intranet applications and Forms […]

Quick look at security in MVC3

Today I was humbled in talking about architecture as I stumbled through some explanations of principles and key terms.  For those that know me I am very passionate and professional on how I approach things, including discussions.  I found myself stumbling because I got myself stuck on answering an open question about […]

Why is Architecture important?