This year I have the great opportunity to be one of the judges for the INETA Component Code Challenge.  Here are the details: Have you ever thought “I have a good idea for an application, however what can I get for it?” and/or “I would love to go to DevConnections […]

INETA Component Code Challenge 2012

I registered for ROCKPAPERAZURE, downloaded the Bits, after installing the pre-reqs, click F5 and got a 404/blank page. After some troubleshooting I found that install the following applications through the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, the issue was corrected.  I also verified this with Kevin D. Wolfe – as he had the same […]

Rock, Paper, Azure! Contest – White Screen or 404 Error ...

Quite a few people have asked “What are sequental convoys?” and “When should I use them?”.  So here is the definition and a quick example on when and/or how I would use them.   “A sequential convoy enables multiple single messages to join together to achieve a required result. A sequential convoy […]

Sequential Convoys

Printing in Silverlight has been made pretty simple, how it comes with some caveats because it opnly supports rasterized image printing.  Not 100% a problem but in LOB applications will run into issue with printing thinks like PDF, because all formatting is lost in reflect to the final printed document. […]

Silverlight 4 Printing

The Life Cycle of a page when requested for the first time: Initializing: During this phase, the server creates an instance of the server control Loading: During this phase, the instance of the control is loaded onto the page object in which it is defined. PreRendering: During this phase, the […]

Quick Refresher – ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

Register at I will be giving 3 session this year, line of busniess talks on Silverlight, MVC, and Windows Phone 7. I will have 3 licenses of NetAdvantage and CodeRush to give away.

Tampa Code Camp – November 13, 2010 at KForce

BizTalk AppPool Setting
When configuring the BAM portal on a x64 Environment you may receive the following error: Start registering ASP.NET scriptmap (2.0.50727) at W3SVC/2/Root/BAM. Error when validating the IIS path (W3SVC/2/Root/BAM). Error code = 0×80040154 The error indicates that IIS is in 64 bit mode, while this application is a 32 bit […]

Configuration Error – BAM Portal

Was another great weekend with the development community, got to meet allot of great people and Maddux had a great time. Got to present Linq 4.0 and Silverlight LOB this time around and had a great turn out.  Infragistics helped with providing 3 NetAdvantage Licenses for give aways – thanks […]

Home from Tallahassee Code Camp

I am currently at Tallahassee code camp presenting on Linq 4.0 and Silverlight LOB. I have 3 Infragistics NetAdvantage Licenses to give away.

Tallahassee Code Camp 10/23/2010