Jacksonville code camp 2010 was a great success, some where around 440 attendees. I had 2 sessions, one on BizTalk the other on Linq. I had around 32 in my BizTalk presentation and about 70 in my Linq presentation. I also assisted Joe Healy with the Windows Phone 7 panel […]

Jacksonville Code Camp 2010

How does BizTalk Server work? At its core it is an event-procesing engine that is based on pubsub converntional patterns. Wikipedia define pubsub as: “Publish/subscribe (or pub/sub) is a messaging paradigm where senders (publishers) of messages are not programmed to send their messages to specific receivers (subscribers). Rather, published messages […]

My Post on Microsoft Tech Wiki – BizTalk Architecture – ...

Databinding in Silverlight is based on any object that is inherites from the DependencyObject class.  Now, with new versions of Silverlight may new features (keywords) had been added.  Let’s look at a couple of new ones. StringFormat: Allows the ability to do string formatting directly in the databinding, example: <TextBox Text=”{Binding paymentDate, StringFormat=’MM/dd/yy’}“/> […]

Databinding in Silverlight

Shawn Wildermith and I had the pleasure of hosting a Birds-of-a-feather discussion on “Silverlight, how will it change frontend development?”. We had roughly 40-50 people present and it was a great experience. Was good to talk through real work issues, so thanks to iNETA and Microsoft for allowing us to […]

TechED 2010 BOF Session

I can’t believe TechED 2010 is almost here. This year I get the opportunity to represent the Microsoft community as a web expert, so if you are at TechED this year swing by the web platform expert area and visit with me. I am also doing a BOF this year […]

TechED 2010

This was a little function that I had forgot about in my development experiences.  In my never ending quest to cut code (using LINQ instead of iterations)  i had misplaced my knowledge around the use of YIELD. So it was my goal to rediscover this lost knowledge.  The official definition […]


Why BizTalk? BizTalk 2009 is a message broker SOA tool.  It is used to connect disparate systems and provided an entry point for connecting to your customers.  BizTalk does come at a cost; however with the “built-in” functionality it can cut development costs. Some Features: Retry Capabilities Transaction Traceability BAM […]

BizTalk 2009

The purpose of the site is to help developer understand how BizTalk can affect SOAESB architecture.  So I hope you enjoy the discussion around BizTalk and how to develop solutions within it.

Welcome to BizTalkSkills.com

At Tampa Code Camp 2009 I did 3 sessions, one on Linq 4.0, one on WCF 4.0, and an impromptu discussion on TDD.  Here are the presentations on Linq 4.0 and WCF 4.0. LINQ 4.0 WCF 4.0

Tampa Code Camp Presentations