BizTalk 2010 (and earlier versions) namespace gotcha

I have not been able to find a post or get a true explanation on “reserved words” in BizTalk; however there are a few you should stay away from.  I have personally tested these.

You should refrain from using “BTS” or “EDI” anywhere in your namespace to avoid namespace property look-up issues.

I will be posting more about this as I work through the public version of BizTalk 2010 on Oct. 1, 2010.

IE 9 Beta Released

The IE 9 Beta is upon us, you can download it here

Joe Homnick suggested checking out the following sites:

  • The Killers ( – one of the biggest rock bands in the world go live with a full IE9-optimized HTML5 site today! Showcasing video, Canvas, WOFF fonts, SVG – this site is full of easter eggs and the band love what IE9 provides.
  • Jitterbugs ( – a game that uses Canvas, SVG, WOFF and audio to deliver an experience that you’d have never been able to do in a browser before IE9. Try it on Chrome – it runs almost hilariously slowly.
  • WebVizBench ( – a benchmark for HTML5 built with data from KEXP that scales up to even high-end graphical hardware – with video, animations, WOFF and Canvas, you’ll want to try this on your home machine!
  • Rough Guides ( – this blurs the lines between a web page and a full application, integrating data from Flickr and curated content into a beautiful, zoomable interface.
  • Never Mind the Bullets ( – a parallax comic built with HTML5.
  • Agent 008 Ball ( – a pool game with a spy theme that uses Canvas, audio, WOFF fonts.
  • AP Timeline Reader ( – a news reader with a difference – browse through the articles that you’re interested in reading and add them to a queue; then read them in a clutter-free environment with customizable fonts and high-res photos.